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A Vendor Account allows you to post your business listing in our website directory by being subscribed to one or more service categories. For example, you might own a business that offers both photography and videography services.

Consumers can also send you leads through our website. In addition to their message, any information about their wedding, including budget information, will be forwarded to you.

You can also post pictures, YouTube video links, and price lists to your business listing. We also keep track of your page hits and search hits!
A Consumer Account allows you to setup your wedding budget for different service categories as well as other information. For example, you can setup your wedding budget for DJs with that have an hourly rate between $50 and $100 USD per hour.

The most powerful feature is when you search for vendors. You can search for vendors by category, by the exact city name or within a specific number of miles from a zip code, by your budget constraints, and also by the vendor’s description. Now you won’t have to browse through pages and pages of listings, like other websites do.

In addition, you can also create a list of your favorite vendors, and send them messages. It's easy finding the right vendor for your wedding!